VEDUN Ensemble

CONCERT THEMES of the Vedun Ensemble

Sound Images of the Earth, The Sound Yarn of the Forgotten Instruments of the World, The Braiding of Voices of the Past for the Future, The Sound Memories of our Musical Heritage, The Shamanic Rituals of our Ancestors, Singing Links through the Curtains of Time, The Elfin Thread of the Sound Yarn of the Slovene Heritage, The Singing and Spiritual Ties between the Slavs, Slovenes and the World, Slavic Melos in the Sound Images of the World, The Yarn of Slovene Folk Songs and Instruments, The Slavic Weave of Sound and Spirit, Meditative Equinox and Solstice Concerts, December Rituals of our Ancestors, The Euphony of the Greek Bouzouki in the Melodies of the World, The Forgotten Euphony of Strings in the Melodies of the World, The Ceremonial Songs and Sacred Sounds of the Cultures of the World, The Ancient Sacred Sound of the Slavic Soul, A Sonic Jump into New Consciousness etc.



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