In her creative projects (as well as in the sound images of the Vedun Ensemble), the ethnomusicologist Dr Mira Omerzel - Mirit connects science and art, theory and practice, tangible and spiritual heritages, objectivity and subjectivity, the audible and inaudible, the past and the present (for the future). During her life, she has carried out numerous scientific, artistic and personal spiritual revolutions (more about this can be found in her yet unpublished book From Musican to Medium). This is Mirit's creative output, which comprises almost four decades of active musical involvement and almost five decades of ethno-musicological and spiritual research: approximately 50 scientific (ethno-archaeo-musicology) papers and eight books; over one thousand noted concerts of the Trutamora Slovenica / Vedun Ensembles at home and abroad, 20 LPs and CDs, over 30 TV themed shows and series, concert and other TV recordings, countless radio and newspaper interviews. She has held hundreds of public lectures about the essence of sound and wisdom and heritages of the world. From 1995, at her VEDUNA School – Slavic-Pythagorean School for the Development of Consciousness and for Harmonising through Sound – Mirit has held weekly lectures, courses and workshops on the laws of existence and life, the dimensions and powers of consciousness and sound, on the Cosmic-Earth resonance – harmonious oscillation and resonance, and on the spiritual wisdom of our ancestors. Supported by the Vedun Ensemble, she weekly performs an exceptional cosmic sound-energy surgery. She is also a teacher to many Slovene and foreign spiritual teachers and sound therapists. She has her own Veduna school for therapists. She is a medium and sound-energy surgeon, which makes her a rarity on this planet. Music connected with healing and surgical sounds is a unique feature in the rich offer of the contemporary world’s musical performances..



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